The Centre for Housing Research is delighted to continue strengthening its research capacity, and welcomes a number of new researchers.

Dr. Albert Sabater arrived at CHR in December 2012.  His research areas cover demographics and housing market analysis, socio-economic integration of immigrants and ethnic minorities, and migration across Europe.

Dr. Adriana Soaita joined us as a research fellow in early January.  Her research interests include comparative perspectives on housing systems, provision and urban housing types across Europe.

Dr. Tian (Julie) Miao joined the centre as a Research Fellow in January 2013. She joins the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre, a think-tank for the Scottish Cities Alliance, which is based in CHR.

Rosen Chowdhury also joined CHR January, 2013 as a research fellow.  His research interest are mainly in modelling, national and regional house price dynamics, monetary policy and its impact on housing wealth and house prices and spatial econometrics

Jacqueline Keron joined CHR in January to begin a PhD ESRC Studentship collaborating with Home Housing Association.  Her research involves working with both CHR and the Centre for GeoInformatics.