New ESRC Seminar Series: Entrepreneurship in homes and neighbourhoods

The main aims of our Seminar Series are to advance knowledge on the roles of homes and neighbourhoods for firm formation and entrepreneurship and to inform/influence enterprise and housing policy and practice. This is important as the lack of research and empirical base in this field has led policymakers to neglect home-based businesses (HBBs) and existing barriers for entrepreneurial activities in homes and their local neighbourhood contexts. By gaining a better understanding of the significance of the embeddedness of entrepreneurship in homes and neighbourhoods we seek to critically advance the view that entrepreneurial activities are local assets that require more attention in enterprise, neighbourhood and housing research and policy and open up new perspectives for economic growth.
Main topics we will work on with a group of international researchers from different disciplines, practitioners and policymakers over the duration of three years include:
  • Understanding HBBs: Why the home? How entrepreneurial are they? Was the house chosen/designed with a business in mind?

  • HBBs and their local settings: What are their wider benefits for communities? Are they able to revitalise/stimulate villages and ‘bedroom suburbs’? Can they act as driver of economic growth in rural/suburban/urban localities?

  • Neighbourhoods and local networking: How can local authorities/communities stimulate start-ups, and how can they benefit from local entrepreneurship? How important are local neighbourhoods for the social networking of (potential) entrepreneurs?

  • Planning, regulation, finance, and technology: To what extent are home-based businesses below the regulatory radar? How can home-based businesses be supported by planning and regulation?

The project will be led by PI Dr Darja Reuschke.
Our team
Dr Darja Reuschke
University of St Andrews
School of Geography and Geosciences
Prof Duncan Maclennan
University of St Andrews
Centre for Housing Research
Prof Colin Mason
University of Glasgow
Adam Smith Business School
Prof Stephen Syrett
Middlesex University
Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR)
Prof Maarten van Ham
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

International collaborator:
Dr Stefan Gärtner
Institute for Work and Technology
Ruhr University Bochum / Westfälische University of Applied Sciences

The first seminar, which will set the agenda for the Seminar Series, will take place at the University of Glasgow over two days. Please check this website for dates. A dedicated Seminar Series website will also be available soon.
Seminar 1: Understanding connections between entrepreneurship, home and neighbourhoods
Seminar 2: Home-based businesses in their local settings
Seminar 3: Entrepreneurship and homes – regulation, finance and planning
Seminar 4: Entrepreneurial neighbourhoods
Seminar 5: How can UK, devolved and local policies foster entrepreneurship in homes and neighbourhoods?
Seminar 6: Research Agenda and policy implications

Please contact Darja Reuschke for more information:
Tel: +44(0)1334-46-3902