CHR Seminar Series: Semester 1, 2014

Speaker(s): Various
Event Date: 17-Sep-2014 Venue: CHR Boardroom, Buchanan Gardens, St. Andrews Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour Expected Seats: Sponsor:

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Confirmed seminars:

All seminars are due to take place in the boardroom at the Centre for Housing Research and will run from 12 to 1pm.

  • Wed 17th Sep: Albert Sabater and Gemma Catney (University of Liverpool) - "Ethnic Economic Inequalities: Residential and Occupational Disadvantage”
  • Week of 13th Oct (date tbc) - Richard Bellingham, Director of the Institute for Future Cities (title tbc)
  • Wed 19th Nov: Adriana Soaita - "Homeownership-based welfare: Pathways to family wellbeing"
  • Wed 17th Dec: Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs - "Home-ing in on domestic energy research: emerging results from the Scottish context"