CHR Seminar Series (Semester 2): Drs Louise Reid and Kim McKee, Centre for Housing Research

Event Date: 4-Mar-2015 Venue: CHR Boardroom, Buchanan Gardens, St. Andrews Cost:
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Abstract: Energy efficiency technology is widely accepted as a positive step to improve the comfort of homes whilst simultaneously reducing harmful carbon emissions. There is a convincing case that more widespread adoption of energy efficiency technology is required, yet paradoxically, the identification of vulnerable households as being in need of assistance to do so, may, we argue, add to their stigmatization as ‘vulnerable’, ‘needy’, and ‘disadvantaged’. Recent literature has begun to explore the role of stigma in domestic energy-saving practices (Hards 2013, Day and Hitchings 2011) but such scholarship is restricted beyond these few studies, indeed, the wider literature on domestic energy-saving and efficiency is largely technocentric and seldom explores the subjective experience of these practices. In this exploratory paper we seek to redress this neglect by outlining the nature of the relationship between energy efficiency and stigma, and developing an emerging research agenda.